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Dispensing Gun for use with G511 & G512 Tacky Gels &
G612 Bonding Enhancer.
G802 Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun
G512 Dual Cartridge Dispensing Gun
Ancillary Materials
G512 Low Viscosity Tacky Gel Adhesive Cartridge
Similar to G511 but with a lower viscosity to allow more
easy brushing/spreading onto back of prosthesis for self
adhesive GFA applications. Available in 3 tack strengths
for more easy removal from differing skin types.
G512 Low Viscosity Tacky Gel
Adhesive Cartridge 40gm
G801 Mixing Nozzles
Extra nozzles for use with G511 & G512 Tacky Gels
and G612 Bonding Enhancer. Pack of 50
G801 Mixing Nozzles Pk50
G513 Mould Making Silicones
Translucent general purpose mould making silicones,
available in 3 hardnesses – soft (Shore A:10), medium
(Shore A:30), hard (Shore A:40) working time is
approx 60 minutes, curing time approx 12 hours @
room temperature, which can be accelerated with heat.
G513 Mould Making Silicones 1kg
G613 Diluent for Platinum System
Used to soften Platinum cure silicones if desired
G613 Diluent for Platinum System
G622 Diluent for Tin Systems
Used to soften Tin cure rubbers if desired
G622 Diluent for Tin Systems
G642 Clear / Hard Polyurethane
Room temperature curing 2-part polyurethane, which
cures to a rigid, hard, clear material.
G642 Clear/Hard Polyurethane
G644 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer
1:1 room temperature curing flexible polyurethane
with a Shore A approx 50. Working time is approx 15
minutes and curing time approx 12 hours. Easily
spatulated and easy mixing. The buttery consistency of
this material aids placing in the mould / spreading onto
surfaces. For use as a flexible gel coat.
G644 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer
Original Cosmesil Materials
M521 Original Cosmesil Elastomer (K002)
3 part (base, catalyst & crosslinker) tin condensation
cure material with high peak properties. Working time
is approx 1 hour, cures in 24 hours at room
temperature. Shore A approx 30, high strength.
M521 Original Cosmesil Elastomer (K002) 250gm
M521A 500gm
M521B 1kg
522 High Compliance Elastomer
As M521 but with improved clarity.
M522 High Compliance Elastomer 250gm
M522A 500gm
M522B 1kg
G621 Tin Primer
Primer for use with Cosmesil Tin rubbers & gels
G621 Tin Primer
G531 RTV Acetoxy Silicone
One part acetoxy cure silicone. Cure time 24 hours @
room temperature. Requires atmospheric humidity to
cure (will not cure in closed moulds).
G531 RTV Acetoxy Silicone 75gm
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